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New GT500 Owner in Mass


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After 18 months of lurking here and watching EBay, I pulled the trigger. Got a new 2008 GT500 vert for $45,995. I got the things I was firm on having -



  • Torch red, white stripes
    Red insert interior
    Premium trim
    Ambient lighting



I was not as concerned about


  • HID headlights - I figured I'd go aftermarket
    Shaker 1000 - didn't want it, but can always pull it
    No nav - I may pull the 1000 and put a nice head unit/nav in there



Here are some pics from the listing -



I bought it from Alabama and had it shipped up to Massachusetts for about $750. The story of the "front" carrier, "actual" carrier, route, driver, etc was somewhat amusing. In the end, it arrived about a week later, in one piece. The arrival was a little bittersweet in that a) the car would not shift into reverse while running, and had other Clutch TSB issues that were apparent to me, B) Weather in MA last few days is "a foot of snow and no end in sight". That's OK, I dropped the car at a local Ford dealer to get the TSB work done before the snow flew, and can get some of the other non-performance mods I was thinking of done before the spring thaw. For the short amount I did drive it, I felt the thrill!


I think I want to paint on LeMans stripes, like this one:



BTW, work-around for me when it would not go into reverse while running - shut off car, push in clutch, move stick from 3rd to 4th, back to N, then to R, start car with clutch in, let clutch out to go in reverse. Maybe the dealer in AL knew they could never sell to a local driver who would test drive and that's why I got a good deal on EBay. As long as the TSB work gets rid of the problem I'll be fine. Fingers crossed...


Thanks to everyone who posts regularly (Grabber, BADBOY500, many others) and to everyone who's responded to my posts. I appreciate it!!!







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Looks like you have different exhausts on it already. Sorry to hear you had tranny issues , how many miles are on it?


Those should be the stock exhausts (top pics are my car - bottom pics are the way I want to paint it, example off another car). 126 miles on it, left dealer with 125 miles so I know the transport guys did not cause the issues.


I am guessing I got a "well below MSRP" deal off EBay because no one who test drove would bite locally. Though the car was "new and never titled" someone could have sat in traffic with dealer plates on it during those 125 miles and caused the warping. Silver lining - better it happens now, while I can't use it anyway. I probably have 2-3 months to resolve this issue before the snow goes away and I start chomping at the bit.



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