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Well It Was A Shelby Dakota


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well where to start. Sure the idea of a big block is nice but it is for power reasons. This clown has no clue how to build a Mopar. The intake is junk, offy on a Mopar? Leave it stock at that point. The cam? The best you can run on the street, with an engine done right. That cam with big overlap with stock truck headers?


I've been building Mopar V8s over 2 decades and these clowns are why so many give Mopar a bad name. Last time I saw the Offy on a Dodge a guy working for Super Shops bought one. He ran 14.1 in the big Road Runner stock. Then added tons of speed parts. The Erson cam, Off intake and 2" headers. The clown murdered so much power he ran 17.1 afterwards.


This guy could have done a few other things and went faster. Like a TBI 360 bolt in. Dirt cheap and looks stock. Or a Magnum 318 with some mods. Last but not least adding a Magnum SC and adding extra injectors. Instead he chopped Shelby out it and could have built a $300 4 banger truck into a V8. So I think it is ruined 2 ways :redcard:

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