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1981 murder of Adam Walsh is solved

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I am so glad this is Solved, now maybe the Walsh's can have closure.



Fla. police: 1981 murder of Adam Walsh is solved


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Authorities in South Florida plan to announce that they've finally solved the 1981 killing of a little boy whose father later gained fame as the host of "America's Most Wanted."


Hollywood police have scheduled a news conference Tuesday afternoon to close the case of the abduction and homicide of 6-year-old Adam Walsh.


Adam's parents, John and Reve Walsh, long ago derided the investigation as botched. Both were expected to attend the news conference.


The boy went missing from a Hollywood mall on July 27, 1981. Fishermen discovered his severed head in a canal 120 miles away two weeks later. The rest of his body was never found.

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