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SEC Champion Florida Gators

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+1 It was one of the best games with the best outcome I have had seen.


Got tired of everyone saying it was going to be Nebraska all over again.


Tebow should get the nod for the heisman...his passing numbers are not on par with the others but his running and motivation puts him over the top as one of the best college players ever.


It's great to be a Florida GATOR.


Go Gators!

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Congrats on beating Satan...er, Sabin in a really tough game. I'm pulling for the Gators to win it all and show the rest of the naysayers that the SEC is the best (and toughest conference) in college football.

(We didn't really suck that bad this year, we just figured it was someone elses turn to take home the crystal football. And we've already got two of them. Geaux Tigers! )

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