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PowerWheels GT500 Project

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A local mustang club member let me borrow his PowerWheels mustang for a project. I couldn't go too far with it, like removing the GT emblem's etc, but I did what I could to transform his PW GT into a PW GT500! Here is how it turned out! His grandkids are gonna have fun with this!


The stripes are exact dimensions based on the factory GT500. For the hood vents I used a flat black base with an overlay in gloss black for the louvers. I went to a lot of trouble to try to reproduce all aspects to as close to factory dimensions and placement as I could. The only issue is with the side stripes. The dimensions of the front fenders prevented me from putting the GT500 on the front fender so it had to go on the door but I don't think that is a big deal. I will talk to my friend after he sees the car and see how far we want to go with it to make it look like a GT500. Perhaps blacking out the driving lights? Cobras on the sides? Blacked out lower skirts?


I hope everyone enjoys the pics! This has been a fun project! Now I have to find one for my kids!












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PS - Now I will try to talk my friend into upping the voltage from 12 to 18 volts! I am sure he will probably go for it as he can't leave anything stock for long!

Instead of wiring it 18v constant put it on a push button for "turbo boost". I was going to do that to my Grandsons dual motor Cat dump truck and wire the motors together but I figure he needs to learn how to steer it before a "supercharger" is installed.

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