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Headlights stay on


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No, i don't have auto headlights! heh ... but it happens every once in a while like this -


I'll shut the car off, remove the key, and 3 seconds after, the headlights will come on.


I'll toggle the key and lamp switch on/off a couple times, and the DRL will go on and off - remove the key and presto, the lights come on again!


Use the key fob to lock/unlock the car, same thing. Then, I'll be wondering what to do next, and they shut off by themselves ... sometimes.


Can somebody help? I've called the local Ford shop, and they say that unless it happens when i bring it in, they can't find the problem. It would save a ton of time if they knew what to look for.



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Took a couple of reads of the owner's guide, but I finally determined how to turn off the "safety feature" that turned on the headlights when I pushed the fob's "Unlock" button.


Maybe your security system is screwed up, buttons wacko?

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I believe that there is a TSB out for that issue. Do a search for Grabber's consolated TSB list and look for the TSB related to the headlamps.


Here's Grabber's forum:




"Uncommanded permeter lighting"


Don't know if this is the same issue that you are experiencing, but it might be worth looking into.

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Check the battery, an over/under charged battery can play tricks on an electrical system.


Also make sure nothing is blocking/covering the sensor for the lights.


I believe it is either on the top center of the dash or in the overhead light.



What's wrong w/ headlights being on? (.)(.) :hysterical:

Come to our car show on Sat, Weiner Boy! :happy feet:

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