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Reducing our carbon footprint

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We decided to trade our 08 MKX - we owed more than it's worth due to the huge delivery allowance. That, and since there is only the two of us (we have no friends), it seemed too much for our needs.


Gas mileage was not the greatest either, we get better mileage in the Shelby! Granted the MKX was our daily driver, and mostly short hops, where we would go for a decent cruise in the Shelby.


So we waited for 2010 Mustang pricing, and waited, and waited ... and ended up with an 09 Mustang V-6, coupe, vapor. With the delivery allowance, dealer discount and a Ford rebate, it helped offset the trade in value.


The 2010 Mustang website release indicated that starting price was going to be about $2,000 higher than 09's, so I think we did alright.


Anybody order their 2010 yet?

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