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New Best Time 10.73 @ 128 1.58 60ft


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Figured I would put this in here too to keep it in the drag racing area.


JDM day was awesome today! Real cold and windy. But great friends and times were had! The Italian buffet lunch was incredible too!!


So my car just did awesome. Spun in 2nd on first and third run..but my second run she did great! All my times slips are loaded up here.


I havent changed anything from last time. Still 13 lbs of boost. Stock Motor,Automatic and Stock Trans Convertor. Stock Suspension..even the stock front sway bar is in and hooked up. Stock shocks too. These new Stangs are amazing. But what makes them so amazing...Is www.TeamJDM.com !!! Thanks guys!!


Now I just have to get all my rims and drag radials I lent out today!! LOL!!!


Videos are up on http://teamjdmvideo.vidiac.com/ now. My car is running in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. My best time was Part 2. About 5.49 minutes into Part 2 is my cars run.


In the videos JDM Day 11-19-08



Part 1 http://teamjdmvideo.vidiac.com/video/1a6a7...b590168e71e.htm My car is 3:01 into it (spun when hit 2nd/goes right to 3rd)



Part 2 http://teamjdmvideo.vidiac.com/video/dfd67...b590163b171.htm My car is 5:48 into it(best run)(let off a hair before 2nd)



Part 3 http://teamjdmvideo.vidiac.com/video/027c9...b59015e639d.htm My car is 9:33 into it (spun when hit 2nd/goes right to 3rd)






Couple pics Jim D'Amore III took.










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Congrats you have done great with yourcar. We were asked to come when we met the JDM guys at Tasca day this past fall. I figued it would be to cold and the track would be off. We regret not going it seems you guys had a blAST.

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Thank you!! Cold air is great for power..but like I said...not great to traction. The line was great..but second gear area I had to back pedal alittle just before 2nd gear hit ..then get back in her smoothly. It took some doing. But all was good. I think the car is good for some 10.50's if I can keep the hammer down. I will give it a try and over the off season on a nice day. Thanks again man.

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Thank you MyWicketShelby!!! It was a fun year for sure. I did my best to represent the new Ford Mustang. We surprised alot of racers this season. Especially in the local test and tune nights and gamblers nights. They didnt know what hitem!


And yes, I will seeya in the Superstang Class next year! Cant wait! Congrats on your times and season ShadowLands!!

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