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I'm officially able to post here!


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Congrats, drlovegun! :cheerleader:


BTW, are you perhaps a urologist? :hysterical:



Not a urologist, but I'll give you a ride in my new car if you can guess which band's songs my name is from.


I'll give you a hint, think 70's


Welllll.....How in the hell does it run???!!!



Honestly, it's a little scary, but I'm getting used to it! 15 miles so far and I've relished every one of them. I've been waiting for this car for 2 years and it's well worth it

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YES!!! The Hottest Band In The Land!!! Funny story kind of, I was driving my car for the first time today and turned on the Sirius radio and the first song was Thunderkiss '65 by White Zombie, the lic place on my black '65 coupe is TNDRKIS. Then the next station I turned to after that had Black Diamond by KISS. Good start to my relationship with my new car huh?

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