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WOW!! Who's this????


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I am going to be so busted with these pics. :) I got back from Cayuga after cleaning all the rubber off the car and said.....


"No honey, I did not race the Shelby" Anybody else hear the Jaws music???



I think its an actor posing as Kaylan :hysterical:


uh huh, it's Brad Pitt....;)



All I see is lots of Wheel Hop!! ;)


Just on the second run buddy


Just saw this...where have I been....for that matter Paul you still posting on the site?


This one should be added to your scrap book its a great shot! Wish I had been there!






Still posting Barry and still watching over the boards, not much happens these days though.....THANKFULLY

Just stupid busy at work. 7am to 11pm has not been uncommon the last couple months

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