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Possible color additions ?


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Robert ,I saw this today on SVT Performance ,any possibility Ford might suprise us with another color option? I sure hope so.



Guess what drove by my office today


A light blue GT 500 Shelby in the beautiful Michigan salty roads! Sounded sweet, not a 4.6…sounds like lightning on roids! Damn it just drove by again and he revved the hell out of it! I WANT ONE - Sat low, duck tail spoiler, and looked like FR500 18" Rims!!!!!


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Guys......that was me!

Wha......I didn't tell you? Sorry. I just figured I would drive past every gal & guy's place of work to see who snaps a pic of me first! :P


Buuut seriously.....

Maybe it's for this year, or maybe (doubtful) it's a mule (they were painting them all sorts of colors, remember?). Or, maybe it's for next year. You know how they always add/swap out colors in subsequent years. Just a thought. But that is a nice color!

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