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BC/Alberta Shelby Arrival


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My long wait is over, Finally - As of Sat. night my car arrived.

Will be headed from Edm. to Vanc. to pick it up this weekend. Spend one week driving around in the nice balmy Canadian West Coast, nicest climate/weather in Canada. I envy the people on West Coast, probabaly the only place in Canada where you could drive this car year round.


Then drive back to Edmonton and park the car for the winter.


Anyhoo, count this up as another Shelby in Alberta for arguement sakes.


:happy feet: :bandance: :party:

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Same here Rod!!!


I would love to see your car!!!


Maybe the three of us could get together in Kelowna on your way through.


It would make for a great photo op!!!!!!!


A huge congratulations to you, on your new baby!!!


You are going to fall for Eleanor big-time.



KingCobra / James.

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Thanks guys, will post photos.


Lonney / James

If I have time I will stop in Kelowna, got quite a few people to visit while I'm in Van.

If not next, next spring/summer I will make a point of coming to Kelowna and we will all latch up.

I will PM you to get your numbers.

Take care


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