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Shelby Charger seats.


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I bought some seats from a guy in Indy for a great price. Went down yesterday to get them and bring them back. Everything was fine until I pulled off at a rest stop near Dayton. As I was getting back on to 77, I heard that dreaded mid-pitch clattering sound. :sos: At this point, it was make it home or die trying. :titanic: I was driving my Intrigue not the GLHS, so I figured it would make it. Thankfully it did. I'm in Akron Ohio, so I'm pretty impressed it made it from Dayton all the way back home doing 70 mph. :woot: Time to park it until I feel like working on it(probably a day or two). :spend: This is the first time I have had two projects at the same time. :rolleyes:

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