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Ocilating RMP's


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I recently had some work done on my '08. I had the Steeda Cold Air intake put in and tuned.


More recently, within the past couple weeks. While sitting at a stop light my idle isn't steady anymore. It moves between 800-1200. Not real noticeable.



Has anyone else experienced this problem? I'm afraid to take it to the dealer for this because of the changes that might affect warranty.

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It didn't start right away. took a couple of weeks.


I had this happen to me and even worse, I had the engine light come on after I did the same mod. The problem turned out to be excitement over patience. Right after I completed the mod my foot became real heavy instantly. :shift: Insted of driving it around town normal for about 50 miles right after the completed mod I went "mad max" to see my gains. Well when I started to drive normal after I had my kicks, my ECU started to complain thinking something was wrong it started to drive like crap and then the engine light came on, and it idled all over the place also. So after a couple minutes of thinking I knew what I did. Went back to my garage and reset the ECU(disconnect neg battery term and wait for 30sec) then took it back out and did some conservitive cruising for about 50 miles. lots of stops and starts city driving then a bit highway cruising after doing that all is good and wonderful.

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