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Window Louvers


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Just got a 2007 GT/CS and wondering?? 1/4 window louvers or not. I kind of like it the way it is...but haven't seen any with the window louvers in place. Suggestions?


Also with the XCAL tuner....is it as easy as plug it in and go???


Picture: http://home.comcast.net/~joroberts3/Mustang.htm



Nice ride!


Less is more (to quote Ruf) - no louvres

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Man - you've got a big font!


(My "less is more" is only my humble opinion! If you want to add something - by all means go for it!)


More of my opinion - the more is added to a car the less I take them seriously at a stoplight! :shift:

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Thanks guys! No louvers for me then.


But the tuner? Is the XCal that easy to use, just plug it in and go? Not much experience with the tuning of cars.


Sorry guys! Have no idea why the FONT is so big.



You should invest some extra $$ and have your car professionally tuned on the dyno especially if you do anything alse like a CAI, exhaust, etc. At the very least you'll have a record for before/after comparison, and you'll have a baseline for future mods.

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