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Just installed Sequential lights in the 96 GT


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My son David and I just finished putting Sequential lights in his 1996 GT. I bought him the Web electronics Plug and play version for his Birthday. It took a little while to get the tail lights out. I showed him how to do it by following the directions.


He's not used to working on cars so we spent 2 hours in the shop on it. Alot of that time was talking about the tools and how to trouble shoot stuff during the install. This little project this afternoon was alot of fun for both of us. :)


Here's the kit




Here's my son David installing it.






We made a Before and after video of the tail lights. We also recorded the exhaust of the car. 1996 was the first year of the 4.6 motor and it sounds cool. Love the stock burble. :happy feet:




We then Installed some new wiper blades. These were a little tricky for David so I had to help him.



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Nice job guys. I love sequential tail lights :happy feet:


Rob, do the other ponies have them?


Yep....the other 2 ponies have the Web lights too.


Gotta love the look of the old school lights. :)

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New wipers; 15 Dollars


Sequential Tail Lights; 150 Dollars


Father and Son working together on a Mustang; Priceless


Time flys when I'm having fun.


David and I went out in the shop around 2pm.


The next thing I know, it's 4:30pm and my wife Tana is out there saying we got get going to our dinner plans.


I looked at my watch and could not believe it.

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