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changes from 2007 to 2009


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I just know some basics like"


Changes in color choices from '07 to '08. Added black stripes availabiltiy and Vapor silver replaced the Tungsten grey.


Also in late '07 and the '08 models, added Navigation as an option. In MY '08 added the Ambient lighting and HID Headlamps as an option.


During the late '07 and '08 model years, several mechanical improvements with transmissions and clutch occured, I belive. Others have more technical knowledge (see threads for details).


But other than a few color, options and mechanical improvements, the '07, 08 and '09s are basically the same car in overall design.


I did read where if you are in the market for a new one, should be looking for a car after a certain build date so you have all the correct mechanical upgrades and dont have to worry about the TSB's. Its in a thread as well.

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For which model? There have been different changes for different models.................

looking for some of the improvements like such in my lightning for 99/2000 340 hp 80mm mass air different gears driveshaft for 01/04 380 hp 90mm mass air stuff like that i own an 02 and the only thing it didnt have that the 03/04 model has is brushed alum door handles since i just got the 09 500 i was wondering what improvements on the car i have compared to the 07/08 models

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does anyone know what if any are the differences between the different years 2007 2008 and 2009

does the 09's have the better shifter cause mine doesn't feel bad and i have yet to miss a shift it kind of throughs it self into 3rd from 2nd and 4th from 3rd

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