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New Member with a Dakota


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New member checking in & saying Howdy from West Texas. I have a Red Dakota #561 57k mile, nearly all original.

The muffler & tailpipe have been upgraded & you have to have a CD player out here in West Texas. Still have the original parts,

in good shape, tho.

I got it out of the barn & shined it up today, to join the Bull Run Terlingua folks for luncheon in Fort Davis, on Saturday.

I really wanted to take part in the full weekend but I just couldn't make it happen. (Love Lajitas, Terlingua & Big Bend Country)

I help put on the Big Bend Open Road Race every year, & got a chance to check out the Shelby Terlingua Mustang that was

entered in the April race. I must say it is a really neat car. I used my Dakota Shelby as a Pace Car, Pilot Vehicle during the

practice & qualifying sessions for the race and have some pics of the mustang with my Dakota in the background. I'll post some up

when I get a chance to figure out how to post pics.

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Dakota561, Welcome to the Team Shelby Forums. Glad you found us.


That's cool that you were able to meet a few of the Terlingua participants today. Some of them may have never seen a Shelby Dakota before.


If you have problems attaching pics to your posts you can always upload your pics to Photobucket.com and then link to them from your post.



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Thanks for the welcome folks, I've been lurking on here for a while & decided that I needed to get involved.


Steve- I will be meeting the Terlingua participants on Saturday, sounds like a great group. I attempted to upload

some pics from my albums, but they were too large. I'll move some to my photobucket & resize & get them on here

before long. I'm hoping to get some nice pics of my truck on Sat. The luncheon for the Terlingua participants

will be held in Fort Davis TX, which is in the beautiful Davis Mountains of West Texas.

I have not run across many folks out here that even know that these trucks were built, much less ever seen one. I only

know of one other in West Texas & it is in very poor condition.


Robert-- These are fun little trucks in 1st & 2nd gear, but then it is all over, but does drive great & gets good fuel mileage.

I had a new 92 reg cab short bed 5.2 magnum & a 2000 R/t 5.9 magnum that were both a whole lot quicker than the Shelby,

but they didn't draw the crowd that this one does. Any shows & gatherings that I have been to out here, It's the only one of these

that is there.

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