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Front end shimmy while braking


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Thanks for the birthday call today, Charles! As usual, it was great talking to you.


I forgot to mention that the reason I'll probably have more rwhp than you is the Comp Cams I had installed.


Don't forget to let us know how you like the car when you get it back on Tuesday!


Boost - is - good! :happy feet:

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I just had new Powerslot rotors and Hawk ceramic pads installed on my car and when it was taken for a test drive there was a shimmy in the front end while braking. This usually indicates a warped rotor but with them being brand new could there be something else causing this? There was no shimmy with the OE rotors and pads.

hi :did the installer make sure to clean the hub surface of rust build-up before install as this is a problem we have up north here? :headscratch:

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