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How about a list of what things to check for and places to take our cars for work?


My wife and I have had our Shelby (08 CSM1287) for about two months now and love it. Neither of us have any regrets about purchasing the car, even with all the minor (or not) issues. We knew about the stripes and hood pin cables from the start as they were obvious on our car to even the casual observer. I learned of possible corrosion under the hood pin plates and misalignment from reading on this forum, and I was glad to learn of them so I can get them fixed if I have those same issues. I think it might be helpful to have a list of possible problems/issues for members to look for on their ride, without pointing fingers or anything. You know, just a list of things that may be an issue with the car, and information on where and how to check. It could even provide information on how to correct the problem for those willing and able to tackle the task (the corrosion comes to mind).


Also, I think it would be helpful to know the location of dealers that are both knowledgeable and do quality work. Given the experiences we've had so far with our local dealer since we've owned the vehicle I'd drive hours to find someone we trust. I'm thinking of taking a drive to Valdosta or south to Tampa but frankly I'd have no idea where to go. Maybe this list exists somewhere but I've not found it if it does. I do see "any good shops?" once in a while. Does anyone else feel like this?



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You may want to give Michael Morris at Wayne Morris Ford a call in Perry, GA. If you do not mind the drive that is. I belive he just sold a Black/Red Stripe GT500 the other day to a customer in Tallahassee. He is knowledgeable. And a great guy too boot.



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