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Fox news reviews the Bullitt


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Very nice Thanks for posting the video. Over at my daughters house about 3 blocks away I was cleaning my Mustang and I noticed there was a house with the garage door open and there was a mustang sitting in there and there was a gentlemen doing the same thing I was doiing. My grandson was riding his mustang powerwheel around in the col-de-sac and he came over and told me that there was a green mustang over there. I finished the mustang and kinda walked over there and sure enough it was a 2008 green Bullit. It was awesome. The guy only had it for about 3 weeks. The dash and everything was awesome looking. The little things they did to the Interior was cool. It had the 3 73 gears. He started it up and man did it sound sweet. Got to go wife is calling.

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