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I've been getting a little flustered with the ADM's on the GT500 lately as they don't seem to be coming down as I had predicted. It seems to me the demand for this car is still very high and unfortunately I don't see it dropping any time soon. I've considered getting the Shelby GT as an alternative or there's the new Bullitt due in 08 but unfortunately I see these cars having ADM's too. Actually any special edition Mustang is going to be stuck with an ADM when it first comes out. Hell the regular GT had ADM's when it first hit the showrooms.



Basically I'm just sick of ADM's period. :banghead:


My alternative is buy a regular GT and get the FRPP performance packs to get the performance I want.


So here's my recipe for my ultimate Stang:


Alloy GT

Premium Equipment


Interior upgrade package

Black FRPP Bullitt wheels

FRPP/Whipple Intercooled Supercharger kit

FRPP Handling Package

Hurst Shifter

GT/CS front clip


Aftermarket mods:


SLP Long Tube Headers

SLP X Pipe

SLP Loudmouth Axle Back Exhaust

Chrome Tail Light trim

Fog delete center grill with Pony Emblem

Forged Internals - so I can turn up the boost if I choose :rockon:



What's your recipe for your ultimate Stang???

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90GT: It certianly can be frustrating <_< to get the car that you want. The hunt is part of the game, and when you get it, it will make it that much sweeter. Don't give up B) . These cars are worth the waite. I do believe that the market will cool down sometime in 07 or 08. As you know in 09 every piece of sheetmetal on the Mustang is suppose to change except the roof, so if you dig the look of this retro car...don't waite too long. The 09 is suppose to be less retro, and more futureistic looking.

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