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Hello all New Car Pics


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Finally got some pics of the Shelby.........please excuse the crappy camera. this Shelby site is great, looking forward to attending some shows or meets before the weather gets like my camera. I'm in the North Jersey area.













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Thanks guys....come to think of it...I have been looking on this forum for over a month and can only recall seeing 1 or 2 with this color combo (torch red w/ black stripes)....anyhow, I just put on the 8 inch antenna along with a aftermarket Power outlet plug w/ red Cobra logo. Next I'll be looking to purchase some floor mats w/ Shelby logo in red of course, tint the windows dark, and a nice deep rumbling exhaust, not too loud, just enough to feel the ground shake when I cruise by (I wonder if that can be done with just an axleback...:headscratch:)...anyway....Guys thanks again.

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:cry: Makes me sad:~( I have the exact same car, but "stripe delete". A bank VP had bought it for an investment, but just couldn't stay out of it according to him and when he hit 1,000 miles he sold it back to the dealership. I bought it as used and had planned to put black stripes on it. A set of Ford Stripes are over $2,000.00 so I found a graphics design company that does excellent work and would put them on for $550.00. Only problem is you can't get wax on them because it chemically reacts with the vinyl and breaks it down fairly rapidly. Ford's have a clear coating process so it doesn't hurt them. Nobody wants to paint them on (scares most of them). SO, ya wanna trade cars? hahaha But seriously, Really Love the way your car looks, just wish I could get mine the same way. I'll find a way eventually.



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