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super charger belt


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Has any one changed their s.c.belt that also has a 10% overdrive pulley it seems that there is not enough room to push down on the tensioner to get the belt off.

I have. The tensioner works fine. The issue I had was trying to get the belt turned enough so I could slip it past the tab you had to grind on to make the 10% fit. There is room but you just have to fiddle with it a bit and learn how to do it. It will probably still be a stuggle for me next time. Gotta do it a few times to get the hang of it.


By the way. Use the tensioner to get the belt off the SC pulley so you have lots of slack and then try messing with the 10%.

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Not sure if I was helpful but i will if I can. Did you unbolt your expansion tanks and set them out of the way to give you extra room?

yes, i did take coolant tank off and tryed using a small 3/8 drive breaker bar i looked and took my hand and felt it seemed as if there was no room but i will try agin i only need to get the belt off the s.c. pulley in order to put a pulley plate on. Thanks agin JIM SIMPSON

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