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Colorado JeffJ headed for Terlingua


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:happy feet: :shift: off to Terlingua on 9/24. I'm excited, I won the photo contest! :yahoo:


Is anybody else from Colorado going? We'll probably end up leaving Wednesday night and stopping somewhere along the way, possibly in New Mexico somewhere. Sorry, I can't share the photo until the newsletter comes out this month.


I figure the Shelby is going to rack up about 4,000 miles this month. I'm taking it to Salt Lake City for the final Mustang Challenge, Koni and Rolex races the weekend of the 19th, and then all the way to Terlingua the following week. The weekend after that, my wife and I are taking a trip to Las Vegas to visit the Shelby cafe and have a relaxing weekend in Vegas. I think we'll be exhausted by then. I have had the Vegas trip planned for many months. We are flying out for that one however!

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Uh, apparantly someone will! :hysterical:

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Well the newsletter is out and the picture is posted, so here it is:

We head down to Terlingua this evening. I'll be posting pictures later!




Nice Pic!


I'm thinking that some black Razors would work on mine. I need some wider tires on the rear.


I would have jacked up the front and turned the wheel to line up the text on the hub to horizontal. :) (Mr. Monk the photographer.)

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Jeff, great picture and nice to see the GTH with the logos. Post pictures when you get back. You get a chance, can you email me or PM the info on your tune you did. I think I am holding off on the SC for now. If I recall, you were very happy with the results.



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