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Mustang GT delivered to customer with GT500 engine

Guest evilchris

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Good stuff EC, wouldn't that be a sleeper!



Heck after seeing the GT 500 Engine on ebay anything is possible...I almost bought it...for exactly that reason...put the engine in a mustang GT...no ADM...new suspension, kenne bell Supercharger, no ADM, GT Aluminum block, no ADM, why not?


then I thought...what the hell do I know about doing any of that effort...just buy one and pay the man his ADM...you only live once.





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I had a customer who bought a 2001 SVT Cobra new from us. For a fun, frankenstein-like project, he later bought a Terminator engine from Ford in 2003 and a new 2003 Ranger Regular Cab 4x2 and put the Terminator engine in that little Ranger pickup. Talk about a sleeper!

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