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Blue Coupe 07XL0093

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I've been away from the forum for almost a month, how do you catch up? And with so many groupings, it's hard to know which forum to put stuff in. Anyway, I finally took some new pictures out at my friend's place, so I'll put them here. There's a number of similar shots, but slightly different angles and exposures, so I included them. Everyone has different tastes. Here you go...










And my friend took these two, with different formats:





And finally, here's a link to his first shot, but he turned it into monochrome, except for the car. I like the effect:



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Grabber, that's a vert and his is a coupe so I don't think it was his. Thanks for the pics though, this is what my car would have looked like if I had the wheels I had originally ordered and the brakes that I should have ordered!

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Was your car still at LV 2 weeks ago?


I saw this in the lot getting ready to go on a truck to Canada.

Nope, mine's a coupe, picked up July 1st. But this brings me to my next topic, which I've yet to start. Want a preview? I've started "Mustang Monday's" at my place. I'll explain later, but so far I've had 3 of the cars below show up the last 2 weeks:


Mustang GT: blue coupe with white stripes, Whipple S/C, 400+ HP

GT500: blue coupe with white stripes; stock 500+ HP

GT500 40th: blue coupe with silver stripes: 600+ HP

GT500 40th: blue vert with silver stripes: 600+ HP

GT500 40th: blue coupe with silver stripes: 700+ hp


It'll make a great photo shoot when we can get together. More later...

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