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Team Shelby Club Sandwich


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I was in Vegas on August 13th and visited the Shelby Corner Cafe.

The walls were signed by NHRA driver John Force, Bob Tasca, and Robert Hight.


The atmosphere was all auto themed, with hoods hanging from the ceiling,and valve covers used as side lighting for the tables along the walls,also it looked like they used two Shelby GT grills for main lighting shades.


I ordered the Team Shelby Club with fries, (it was huge) I first thought that it was two sandwiches piled up. WRONG, it was half of the sandwich. :drool: Great, highly recommended sandwich!!


I highly recommend the Shelby Corner Cafe if you are visiting Vegas or SAI



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Ernest Borgnine also signed (my pic from the Shelby Cafe topic




I had the club too. Also highly recommended (by Adrienne) is the BLT. My wife had a grilled cheese. It was huge!


We'll be there next week again. I can't wait to go up for breakfast. The three egg omelet is probably made from ostrich eggs.

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