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Thanks Guys for all the nice comments, Just received an e-mail from Bud Said just waiting on a truck to show, then its about a 3 and a half day trip to the ford dealer where i will be waiting paitently. A few mods at the dealer Silver horse 1/4 window scoops hot wheels wide body ducktail spoiler, Bear brakes that will fit the 18 inch 9.5 deep dish billet front wheels with 255 X 45 18 front and 265 X 40 18 X 10 rear, 1 pice shaftmaster alum. drive shaft,Adj, upper and lower control arms and pan hard bar, tripple piller guage pod cobalt hood shocks faux gas cap some paper work for customs and she will be on her way home to Ontario Canada!!!! Hopefully by end of next week or sooner. Will post lots of picks when she arrives.

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