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Steeda Tri-Ax installed


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I put a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter in my '07 today. Definitely an improvement over the factory shifter. Instead of fighting me on every shift like the factory shifter seemed to do - the Tri-Ax guides me to each gear - very nice.


It shifts into all gears including 5th and R with ease.


Install wasn't too bad - I pulled the original through the bottom without removing the driveshaft. Just took a bit of twisting and turning. To get the new one in I just went from the bottom of the car and pretty much assembled the whole thing right on top of the driveshaft. It fit in easily from the bottom while disassembled. It might have been just as easy to remove the driveshaft but I didn't want to jack with it :-]


Shifting action is definitely noisier than the factory but I have no extra road noise that I can hear. Ths shifts are more "notchy" now - there's no doubt when you are in a gear which is the way I think it should be.


All in all, a good product!


Now I need to get started on my Eibach and Tokico install.... that'll take awhile... :-]

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