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Transmission Question


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Are there any mods done to the 5-spd manual transmission on the Terlingua? Is the 375 HP vs 210 of the base car an issue?


I think it's the Tremec T5 -- the one rated at 300 ft-lbs (not certain tho). They're pretty tough. I notice on some enthusiast sites they often convert early mustang SBFs (302s and 351s) for use with the T5 too so it must be fairly tough -- especially on the street or a road-course. I would not recommend regularly dropping the hammer at 5K with 'ET-streets' at the strip tho.

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I've been driving the Orange Terlinuga mule off and on. It has about 5,000+ miles on it already. Those miles are a mix of track, city and highway driving. A lot of hard miles for certain.


No transmission issues or any other on this wild hair of a ride.


I can't wait to get ours and I can assure whoever else is getting one, you''ll love it.

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