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shaker 1000


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  • 3 weeks later...

I just got off the phone with Ralph at the AAI plant & while I was inquiring about my build date (which is still set for next week) I asked if their were any material holds that he knew of for the Coupe or Convertibe GT500's?


Coupes NO!


Convertibles YES!


I asked if it had had to do with the Shaker 1000 & he said you got it. I asked what the actual hold was for & it was really quite simple.....


The shaker 1000 is the same unit for the Coupe as it is for the Convertible, but when the cars are put thru testing (flexing of the chassis) the brackets that are used for mounting are breaking & allowing the sub-woofer to come loose in the trunk in the convertible models only. He said the Verts have a little more flex to them & thats all it takes to break the mounting brackets based on where its mounted. They are currently re-engineering new brackets & testing them to make sure the problem is fixed before resuming production with that option.


So if you ordered a Convetrtible with the Shaker 1000 & you can't wait, I would call your dealer today & say change the order to the Shaker 500 so your car can be built faster or sooner rather than later.


Also he metioned that they only make 50 SHELBY's a day with only (2) 8hr shifts.


Hope this helps answer some nagging questions that we have been speculating about for sometime now.

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I just got a call from my dealer this afternoon and he left a message. He said that his inventory manager said that my coupe will be on hold until at least Jan 07 due to the Shaker 1000. Parts are a problem aparently, so it wouldn't be pulled to build until at least then. He continues to give me the option to downgrade to the 500 in hopes that Ford would pull it right away, since #1, #2, #3, and #5 after mine (I'm #4) were pulled and #1 and #2 delivered already. They are a SVT, Presidents Award, etc. dealer in southeastern PA.



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Same for me -- Dealer called today and stated my Shelby w/Shaker 1000 will be delayed until probably Nov/Dec with possible Dec/Jan delivery...


I was #2 of 5 on his list, #1 already delivered, #3 being built this month. Me and #4/#5 are sticking with the Shaker 1000.


Better late than never...

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