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Team Shelby Woodward Mustang Alley Participants


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If you have already signed up to be apart of the Mustang Alley Shelby display of cars then you must print off this flier and place it in your car wind shield before you arrive so that the guys know to park you in the Snake Pit.




You must have this in order to get in. You also must have been pre-registered through us as one of the 25 cars.


Here is some more info for you, YOU MUST ARRIVE BETWEEN 7AM-8AM in order to be apart of this display and can not leave until after 6pm. Unless it is an emergency.




Finding the Mustang Alley Event on Saturday August 16^th 2008:* We are on the _EAST_ side of 9 Mile Rd. and Woodward again this year! Registration opens at TBD with the entrance located at intersection of Hilton Rd. and East 9 Mile Rd. The map below shows how to find it with arrows directing you to the entrance and how to find it off of Woodward Ave. Please follow the designated traffic flow to the entrance!




**Arrival Information*


* There is a Ford Data Capture tent in the city hall parking lot. Be

sure to visit the tent and register your information. Registrants

will receive a free gift and a commemorative 10th Anniversary

Mustang Alley lanyard, individualized with your name.



* Only car show participants who have registered at Ford Data

Capture will be eligible to receive one of three surprise prizes

to be awarded around 5:00 pm or soon there-after. They are unique

and of significant value. You must be present to win and your

Mustang must be parked on the Alley at the time of selection.



There is a lot to see and do this year. We have activities on both sides of Woodward. I hope to have all the highlights listed as part of your goodie bag content. You can review the terminators web-site to see the layout plan for the Ford display’s and locations.



Here is the link to the site that has directions and the parking arrangments we are in the Snake put. Look for the link that says parking plan




See you at the “Alley”.We look forward to seeing you all out there, if you have any questions please ask them now.





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