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MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust looking for GT500 to use at SEMA- details inside

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Hey everyone-


MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust is looking for a GT500 to use at SEMA- preferably a car local to Las Vegas or Southern CA-


Car will be displayed next to my 67 Shelby GT500 (pictured)


So we are looking for a car that is preferablly white/blue stripes- but will consider blue cars with white stripes-


You will be provided with an exhaust at no charge to install on the vehicle-


Please send pics of car/ list of mods to bbass@magnaflow.com along with any questions-


Having your car at SEMA is usually a great way to get discounted or free parts from different manufactures.



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Hey there,


Posted this for ya over on the Forum that the Mustang Club I belong to has. We have a couple of GT500 guys in the club - blue/white and white/blue :) Sent them both a PM over there also.



I am looking for that deep (only Cobra has it), throaty sound.......really loud. Best pipes out there.


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