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Wiring harness info

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Does anyone have access to wiring harness diagrams?


I put in the Ford blessed electrochromic (self dimming) mirror with HomeLink, compass and temp. The power connection runs over the top trim down the A-pillar to the fuse box and they supply two "clips" that attach to the load side of the fuses - one powered and one switched. They freakin' don't work. The offset it adds makes the fuses make poor connections and I've had to futz with the chosen fuse to get the climate control to work. So I'm on search for alternate solution which is to tap into the wiring harness.


There is a harness that goes up the passenger A-pillar to the overhead components. There are two connectors - one in the pillar and one in the roof line on the way to the light cluster.


Does anyone have access to the diagram for this harness? If there is a powered and switched I'm happy. if there is only switched power I'm still OK since I think the source for the unswitched is the garage door openers and I don't care if the openers don't work if the key isn't on.

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