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Eye in the sky...


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I work in an ER, the night shift and one of the security guards has seen my SGT yesterday as I am getting to work and he was all over it...so I was thinking well maybe I should take him for a ride around the parking lot(at high speed wink,wink) so he may return a favor....he sits in, I tell him to buckle up,get the revs to about 3000 RPMs and let it rip....he was $%tting bricks, I it let slide around the corners like some crazy drifter...thought about doing O rings around the parking lot but you know there are cameras watching and didn't want to get me or him in trouble....let's just say he is another Shelby fan and my best buddy at work...he keeps an eye out for my SGT all night with a regular camera,infrared and something else he told me but the thing can detect body heat and cool...notice the three pics...totally different from each other...now that's what I call personal security!!!! Roger notice the fender stripes :happy feet: !


By the way I did it all of these stunts in an empty parking lot, no people, no cars...no one was hurt....notice I park my SGT in a land far,far,far away!!!!!! It may be lonely but its well taken care of.....





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Nice way to buy some security for the car. I stayed at the HOOTERS Hotel in Vegas and they were allover my car. When I went to valet park they always leave the car in front of the hotel and take care of it for me. God I love owning a SGT, it's the greatest feeling ever. :yahoo:

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