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GT500 for under MSRP price in Michigan


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<--- extends middle finger. :)




Jody? Is that you? And what the heck are you flipping off and why? You've been that way ever since the episode with locking your family in that panic room.....or was it the groping on the pinball machine....no, wait, it was that Hannibal guy.


Wait...I have another guess....it's YOUR rear on the seat! Oops, my bad. No offense intended.






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That looks like man ass on that Yamika


You like my G'string GI, me love you long time, baby got back


Cool. You want animation?


Stay tuned!


Ass cheeks asked for it! :hysterical:


By the way, Yamahaha - do you think that pic is sexy?


Just curious.


You long and strong GI, me love you long time, me likey likey, hahahahahah :happy feet: :party:

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