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My New Shelby SGT (model)

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Well I managed to really hurt my left hand (one finger broken, dislocated knuckle and three broken bones in my hand) so my xrays and surgery pics look like the stuff they show on TV from Dr. Trammel after fixing up an open wheel driver or motorcycle racer! And I'm left handed so this is a right handed one finger post. So - no Shelby driving, no motorcycles, golf with my son, swimming or anything else for seven weeks. On the upside, Oxycodene is great stuff and I'm saving beer money.

I had planned to take the SGT to TampaBay Shelby after DunedinDan's S/C install for the same thing so that's on hold. Interim solution? With my last order of accessories I had added on the 1:64 scale '07 black SGT from the Shelby catalog. This is how it started for all of us, right? Matchbox and Hotwheels while watching cool cars on TV or at the track. Anyway - the detail of this little car is incredible! It has lenses not paint for the lights, detail under the hood including the strut brace, hood pins you can feel, even teeny tiny Shelby GT on the lower stripes. So for $7 this is my new SGT ride! Took it to work today and brought it right into the office! Get one and it will make you happy!

BTW - The stripes are painted on and they are perfect! :hysterical: Although made in China the paint probably has lead so just like our full sized cars do not let the kid's play with it!


Doug Nash

CSM# 07SGT5501

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I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you. Sorry to hear about your accident.


They are finally starting my install today. There were a couple of parts that they wanted to powder coat and that took a couple of weeks before they were satisfied with the results from the shop they use. Now you need to get a teeny tiny Whipple to put on that 1:64th SGT and you'll really rip up the office. Get well soon and I'll send you some shots of the install after I'm down their tomorrow.



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