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What the heck is a Terlingua?


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I don't understand. The article seemed almost....nice. You sure that was Motor Trend?


From what I've seen, Motor Trend seems to be the most pro-Shelby major magazine out there. Except for the online review of the Shelby GT vert by the truck reviewer (still haven't figured that one out), all of the MT articles I've read are pretty positive about the cars coming out of SAI. I have copies of the issues where they first reviewed the SGT and where they compared it to the Roush and Saleen. I'd love to own a V6 Terlingua and really want to buy one once I get my SGT paid off in a few years. They have more horsepower than my SGT but they're lighter so the power to weight ratio improvement over the stock GT mustang is pretty impressive. Add in the racing suspension and this car is one bad :censored: of a track car. What will really be interesting is if the folks at SAI make twin turbos an option for the Terlingua package instead of the supercharger - which might not be a bad idea if Ford comes out with the turbo'ed V6's in 2010 or 2011.



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