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Foose Stallion now in stock!! Come see this beauty


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Stripes don't project class - or serve any asthetic purpose other than a wannabee racer (IMHO!).


Ever see an Aston Martin with stripes?


Ford Racing supercharger on the Foose?




The Ford Racing blower (Whipple) voids the powertrain warranty and the blower is only warrantied for 12 months.


But --- the Roush blower comes with a 3/36 DRIVETRAIN warranty.


How could that be?? :banghead:

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I hate the front fascia. They took the muscle car "mean" and neutered it.


So it's essentially a body kit + tires + rims with ford racing parts. All I can find is pricing "starts" at 40k. What's the MSRP on one with all the parts people would want?



What do you think a Stage 1 Roush is? That's just a body kit and wheels with some interior trim stuff.


Stripes don't project class - or serve any asthetic purpose other than a wannabee racer (IMHO!).



If it matters, everything is painted on the car, these are not AutoZone stripes that you put on yourself.

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Just rolled in off the covered transport. The new 2007 Foose Stallion, now at Teamford.com

More info at http://www.teamford.com/ExternalViewPage.c...mp;featureid=-1




Thank you, and may I remind you that today's selection comes perched upon a nice RICE pilaf.....


The are the metal equivelant of wadded pieces of art paper thrown across the floor while trying to hit the wastecan.


You may want to call your insurance agent and file a claim. This is worse than hail damage.





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Chip Foose is an awesome designer with a vision like few others in the biz. That said, the Foose Stallion just doesn't excite this 6 time Mustang owner either.


I don't like to hijack someone else's thread, but we just had AutoFX in Tacoma, WA do this custom 2007 Mustang GT for us...






CDC Shaker Hood, Two Tone Paint (car started as Vista Blue, with Gloss Black done over the top), all window trim and mirrors painted gloss black, GT500 rear spoiler, front chin spoiler, 20 inch American Racing Wheels with 255/295 width Toyo Proxes High Performance Tires, Lowering Springs, Side Fender Scoops, Side Window Scoops, Dark Window Tint, etc.


AutoFX can make it as mild or wild as customers and local dealers want it. They do supercharger and turbocharger installs, as well. There best selling forced induction is the Saleen Series VI blower. Cool stuff built to your specs.

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