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Admin Help!!!


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Trying to post new pictures to my gallery, and it keeps saying to contact the Administrator...I used to be able to add pictures...there are 4 there now...what's up???



We are working on the Gallery it is not working.




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Hey - at least you were able to get a photo of your car to show in your signature. . . . . . . . I can't even get that to work right. Any insight on how to get that to work????


Well, I just loaded a pic on photobucket and copied the img link on there and pasted it under my signature...didn't work the first time, said something wasn't allowed, but it worked the next time I tried it...


Yeah, you just need to get an album started that we can all browse! Between all you and Kevin have done, I'm jealous!!!! My wife is keeping my wallet from running away...LOL

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