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Two striped horses...

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You should see the video of the two of us racing down the runway...







OK, OK, I was just kidding! We did discuss it though, and we agreed that I'd probably kick butt in the quarter, but after that, it would be all Merlin with 4.6 left in the dust!


I was lucky enough to be out in my driveway cleaning the Shelby, when I heard the distinct sound of a Merlin engine. This P-51 wheeled right over my house and circled to land at our local airfield. I quickly finished up, grabbed my camera and headed over. There's a beach-front 4th of July airshow on for today, and this Mustang was participating. After a brief chat with the owner, I asked if it would be all right if I got some photos. He was all to happy to oblige and said that he does that sort of thing a lot (Mustangs and Mustangs). Lucky for me this particular Mustang is based just down the road in Jacksonville, so maybe next time I can get a professional to take the next set of photos!





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