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Hi Everyone,


I got my new X3 tuner from SCT over a month ago and I loaded their stock tune which improved my mileage a bit. I drive at least 83 miles to work every day and had been getting around 18 to 19 mpg. My commute is 80% freeway and my gas bill has gotten over $600 per month to get to work!… So any improvement is appreciated. The stock SCT tune improvement to my mileage was about 19.5 mpg for two weeks. Then I received a new tune from Justin at VMP Tuning (www.VMPTuning.com) that he set up for better mileage and the last two weeks my mileage has increased to between 20.5 and 21.4 mpg on the last three tankfulls. That will pay for the tuner fairly quickly.


The thing that surprised me thought was that now I can also feel more power in the top end and I actually spun the wheels going up hill passing a guy last week! (I do need new tires though! Anyone have any suggestions on the best tires for my beast!) More power and better mileage! I should have done this a year earlier when I first got the GT500!


I am going to a Shelby gathering next week here in CA and they are going to dyno the car. It will be fun to see what it is actually doing at the rear wheels.


My GT500 is totally stock (Except for a K&N air filter and J&M upper/lower control arms with Koni yellow adj shocks to help with the wheel hop problem) and has 73k miles on it, (50k put on by Ford Testing). Also it is #12 in the production run.


Has anyone else experienced this kind of mileage improvement and better performance with their tuner?


MSB Mustang / Mark

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