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Midway Ford

GooD 4lyf

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Anyone here bought a GT-500, Shelby GT or any car from the dealer "Midway Ford"? It's located in Miami Florida. At West Flagler Street and like 80th Ave.



I went to every Miami/Palm Beach Ford dealer and to be honest with you no one worked with me for the price I wanted to pay for a SGT so I went on-line to Auto Trader and dealt with someone on-line,no one to pressure me or anything, I just email them what I wanted to pay if they were ok with it we made a deal if not .....next....and so a few guys sat on my offer and finally a guy from Alabama called...at the end of the month...best time,most of them want to move a car because of quotas and so forth. So we dealth via email and fax....the best way ever to buy a vehicle,granted the final deal is when I see the vehicle and drive it....flew to Alabama,took a 10 min test drive and gave my check over that I got from my credit union and I was on my way home to Miami within an hour and 30 minutes or so....the fastest way to ever buy a car!!!!

We have a few dealers on this forum...I think Micheal Morris(hope I spelled his name right) with the red Super Snake is one and I hear great things about him on here and Shelby Mafia,give him a try.....remember,it is your hard earned money,make sure it is what you want.....I love my SGT and when I am done with RN school and with the OK from wifey, I think I will be stepping up to a GT500 but for now the SGT is my BABY and it rocks!!!!!! :happy feet:

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