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need some advice

40th 142

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I need some tips on a few things


1. I have a 07 40th gt 500 that only has 160 miles on it. what kind of upkeep is needed for this car that if I don't drive it?


2. I can't seem to keep the strips glued down under the door, by the rocker panel?


3. how can I remove the center dash piece for a signiture? the piece where my 40th badge plate is located.




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Frank, I can't help you with the door strips or the storage issues, but I do know how to get that center piece out. You basically have to remove all the dash trim to get to all of the bolts on the center piece, but it really isn't that hard. The gauge bezel just clips in. Lower the steering wheel and pull the bezel towards you to expose the 2 bolts on the left side of the center piece. The right side is harder. You have to disconnect the battery and wait an hour for the passenger air bag to lose charge Remove the glove box and unclip the airbag from below (warning, static electricity can set off the airbag!), then remove the two bolts that secure the airbag. Push the assembly forward from behind. There are several plastic clips all around the edges of the passenger dash piece, but they aren't too difficult to push out. This exposes the two right-hand bolts to the center piece. Then you have to remove the two screws inside your console lid to remove the upper console section. Be careful not to scratch your emergency brake handle when you lift out the console. Now just snap off the side trim pieces on either side of the radio (pull forward) and loosen the radio cover. Then you can get to the two lower bolts on the center piece. It's really not as hard as it sounds. To simplify things, just remove the air bag and bend out the prongs that hold the dash trim on with a pair of pliers and send that piece. Then you won't have to mess with the gauges and the console. I just got my air bag cover back from Carroll today. Took about 3 weeks.

Good luck!

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