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Stock 12.45 Vista Blue Coupe at Cayuga today


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Bone Stock, since he's a contributor to the mag, they asked him to test this one. Here's the scoop..........

4075lbs with him in it, bone stock, Car # 0004 (u.s car I believe) , just over 1000 miles on her. Joe got two passes as soon as he pulled in. He was with the editor and they seemed to be in a rush. The track allowed him to back to back with no cool down. Best time 12.45 @ 111.?? The bad news..........something was def'ly wrong with this car. It had severe rear axle hop.............I was telling Joe after his first pass and he was also wondering knowing it had a SRA, he also told the editor the same thing to advise Ford as it was a loaner. Anyways, off they rushed to do a dyno run at his shop.

Had a good chat with him.........he's actually doing a tune and pulley this week on a customers car.





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