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please redesign gas fill tube


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I'm hoping perhaps Mr. Tang or some Ford engineers look in here once in a while...


If so, first off:


Awesome job on the new mustang. Ive had a lot of cars, but nothing ever came close to this for 'the fun factor'- keep up the great work!


Theres always a 'but'... Ive only filled my car twice to date.


first time it had 2 miles on the clock(asked dealer minimal prep/no joyrides) went to get gas- click,click,click,click,click,click,click.... got about 50 cents in it. Turned nozzle upside down as I'd heard sometimes it helped(be very careful not to scratch paint), she fills right up. click. spew.....probably at least a cup spit all down the side of the car.


Thinking perhaps air in the empty tank caused problem, a million smiles and half a tank later I go to different station(heard some work better than others...) put nozzle in 'normal', set latch on lowest detent and wait......................................................................click. spews out just enough to make a mess on the side of the car and me. new car smell? not quite the same now.


Third time I got gas, I put 5 gallons in and made sure it wasnt near full. I absolutely love this car, it is everything Ive ever dreamed of and more...but Ive bought a lot of gas in the past 25-30 years, and never had a empty car refuse to take gas, OR spew fuel all over the car and the ground. Ive looked under the car, its not had any damage anywhere, but the fill tube is obviously very small, and goes down, up around, forward, down, turns into tank...I think the tank looks to be in a pretty safe place, but the filler needs something done...I'm pretty sure the much more expensive shelby is getting same part, and would expect buyers to become extremely vocal about this... 2 years production people would expect such bugs to have been worked out.

I know there was a revision to tanks made early last year, but it didnt seem to eliminate the problem. Perhaps a cheap fix would be drop in a small (3/16 or so) tube inside the existing tube, if made proper length to 'end' just inside tank, maybe it would vent enough air back up to the nozzle inlet? might be stupid idea, but just asking...



One last thing- my car has a minor production oops- seam sealer under drivers/rear was not applied properly- lots of holes/gaps...heres a pic- perhaps someone could pass this back to the line to ask guys to be a little more careful.



heres a link to more pics-



little problems aside, again- Congrats on a job well done- this car is a absolute blast to drive!

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TMS issues forum You've been following this right? Hope the problems get solved P.D.Q.! :huh:



yeah, Ive put my 2 cents in there too...hopefully someone in engineering will reply SOMEWHERE...thinking maybe posting here on THE 'premium' mustang model site about a old problem that likely will apply to the shelby too might raise some bigger eyebrows.

Its not a big deal, but its just not right and theres no reason to leave as-is. It sucks to me when my car pukes gas all over itself, and I think it would suck a lot more if I'd paid another 20k+ for it. If nothing else the Shelby's gonna be a thirstier car, perhaps a bit bigger tank(along with revised filler) could be added at least to this premium car...

The mustangs outsold expectations, so profits should be rolling now- surely a second revision that actually works can be worked out without breaking the bank. I dont know if just venting is the issue, the vapor system that balances the tanks, or the tiny/long fill tube- but I think mostly its venting...nozzle upside down it takes full flow no problem, but 'normal' it wants to back up- sounds like vapor just cant get out with all that flow coming in inless its pointed 'just so' into the tube. We'll see.

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