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Took the Shelby to the track!


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Well, I finally had the opportunity to finish the car in time for some track duty. I was making a thread on our local board about all the work I did to the car prior to getting it to the track.. I will quote some of the posts here. Below, you will find pictures and documentary of everything I did to the car so far, pics of all the parts, and a video of the track..


Basically, on a Pulley / Intake / Gears / Drag Radials and Tune, I was able to squeeze out an 11.1@127mph. The car is insane, and I loved every minute of it. T


Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zfBL3DZpmAk


Can't wait for the Kenne Bell to come in! :happy feet:


Ok, so most know we have acquired an 08 GT500 from Hoffman about 2 weeks ago. Finally, our break-in period has completed and tonight we decided to get going on the car.


Tonights task was simple, just to dyno it with just a Magnaflow Catback exhaust. Most know that catbacks really do not add much to the performance of the car, but I couldn't wait for the baseline to put it on, the car was just way too quiet.


With that being said, the car based at 439whp and 457wtq.. This was entirely stock except for the exhaust, no pulley, no intake, nothing.. The car has exactly 498 miles on it.


Next step was to simply tune it. These cars come extremely rich, and are based on 91 Octane. With tuning the car, we remove some fuel out of the car, add some timing, and reduce some of the torque reductions.


Just with a tune, nothing else other then a 10 minute cool down, the car made 495whp and 490wtq. This is fantastic info for those who just want a tune and nothing else.. Gaining exactly 56whp and 33wtq with the tune only.


Tomorrow we will be installing the JLT Carbon intake, tuning, then doing the pulley and idler pulley, then tuning it again.




Ok, so we got the JLT Carbon intake on.. Normally we sell the Steeda intake, but we loved the look of this intake after installing it on Kevin's 40th Anniversary GT500 we had to have one.


While we had the intake off, we decided to throw in some NGK TR6 plugs and gap them down.. I measured the gap on the stock Ford Platinum plugs.. Get this, .52! It's amazing how the car even ran with a gap that large, I'm sure the ignition system has to be pretty bad ass to be able to fire an ark through a gap that big and not blow out. Either way we gapped the plugs down to .33 and threw them in.


The results of the intake were pretty good. This particular intake lists for $459, the quality of the kit is amazing, and really goes in easy (about an hour install). The intake just barely clears the strut tower bar, and JLT gives you nice aluminum spacers to ensure the clearance. Overall, I like this intake, but I think the Steeda intake makes more power, simply from what I saw in the tune.. The inside diameter of this tube is physically smaller then the Steeda piece, telling me some airflow has been sacrificed for aesthetics.


The results of the intake only, no pulley, were 508whp and 487wtq. We have a gain of 13whp and a loss of 3 ft/lbs of torque. Now, I'm going to attribute the loss of torque due to the fact that the car was pretty hot by the time I got the Transfer function dialed in. The car didn't get much of a cool down, so I'm assuming the torque on a cool down run, will be either the same, or slightly higher.


Onto the pics, you can see the last pic, we decided to go with twin blowers to see what the power output would be :P


Pulley install up next!!!



















Cont'd on next post

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Ok, so we jammed tonight and got the Metco 2.6 Upper and Metco Auxiliary idler on. Typically, you have to really let the blower cool down before you try to pop the pulley off.. But this time, and since it's our car, we used a little keyboard cleaner sprayed upside down :D This chilled the snout of the blower down after about an hour of regular cool down. We popped the pulley off, then got the Metco on. Both pullies where a snap to install with the Steeda tool.


On to the tuning. The car, with all the parts, and tune complete made 561whp and 568wtq. This is a 122hp increase and 111 ft/lb of torque increase over stock.


I personally installed all the parts myself, just to get an idea for the installs.. And anybody can do this stuff, it's cake and worth every dime. Overall, I want to re-dyno the car with 1500 miles on it as people are saying that there is roughly a 5% increase in power once the engine totally breaks in.. That should put us in the ~575 whp range.











Next we want to run it and see what she does. I may get some DR's and a third link to help with the wheel hop.. But, if you let the tires loose, they just happen to burn for about 100ft power shifting through 2nd gear :evil::evil:


Note, Sean was our resident model for the photo op.







So today, we mounted the new Mickey Thompson Drag Radials. This is their newer line of DR's, in which they make an 18" tire.. The size is 305/45/18 and the actual hight of the tire is 28.5"!


In going with this tire, I realized that I'm gonna need to stuff some gear in the car to get it to trap where I want it to.. Around 123-124.. So I ordered the 4.30's and they should be in tomorrow.. Gonna get them installed by Jack, along with the Steeda Tri-Ax shifter and other suspension goodies before we head to the track next Friday. I know these tires are huge, but I really want to shoot for a low 1.5 60ft and hook without issue. Maybe after next Friday, we will lower it some, but I want the rake there now so I can get some travel out of the rear.










Cont'd next post

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So tonight, we got the Motorsport 4.30's in, along with the Steeda Torque Box Brace kit.


The 4.30's are a nice improvement over the stock 3.31's, man the car feels so much better and it now shreds the DR's on the street like it should.


The Steeda Torque Box Braces are a sweet addition to the car, we wanted to make sure we don't tear anything under the car so we went with these. For now, They are bolted in, but we will weld them in once we add sub-frame connectors and maybe a roll bar.


We're pretty much ready for drag day, gonna give it a Drag Race alignment tomorrow, and then on to the trailer.


















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