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What's an expected sale price

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Hi guys im trying to get an 85 Charger with a 2.2 Turbo. What do they usually go for in decent condition?


mnxxx, Welcome to the Team Shelby forums. Glad you found us.


In what I call decent condition I would say between $1500-$2500 for one with a 100k miles or so. Of course the lower the mileage the higher the price. Same with cosmetics like paint. Good paint demands a higher price.


Keep in mind that the L body cars like the Shelby Charger don't have the extra odometer digit so if you come across a car that shows only 50k miles there is a good chance it really has 150k miles. You can usually figure out if the odometer has rolled over by the cars overall wear/tear, a CarFax report and hopefully some owner repair receipts.


The best thing you can do is when you find a car you like, post some pics of it here and we can give you some more detailed answers on whats it worth.


Good luck and let us know how we can help.



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