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Attention: Grabber Orange Enthusiasts...


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How come my sales guy says that he doesn't have these yet?



My dealer literally got them in the day before yesterday. They arrived in a box via USPS.


I've been hounding my dealer for literature for quite a while. I'm in Sacramento, but the same was true in New York and Virginia recently; no one had any literature! A New York dealer said that I should just go online for the information. I was like..."no, thanks. I want a brochure!"


My dealer says they're expensive to produce. He's probably right; I'm in printing and I know this puppy probably cost a lot, even in bulk. The brochure features great pix and graphics throughout!


(Dual posting on TMS :D )

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That color looks great, and the GT appearance package tops it off ! :woohoo:



Couldn't agree more! I'm planning on affixing engine designation decals to the sides of the hood scoop. A big ole "4.6L V8" lies beneath this trap door... :devil:


I like the way the chrome tips help fill out the cutouts too. I know there are BIGGER tips, but I'm not interested in putting fart cans back there.


And finally, I think that plenum cover adds the finishing touch to the engine bay!

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